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About Puzzle Mysteries

Escape rooms in the coolest places on earth

Puzzle Mysteries

Puzzle mysteries wants to help people connect with their friends and loved ones, even if they cannot physically meet. Back in the day we would set up a boardgame in the evening to play. Now we have escape rooms to test your and your friends' wits in uniquely themed games.

Escape rooms offer a very good way to connect with others. They are competitive and cooperative. Who could have guessed that the normally shy and silent friend would suddenly take charge in one of the puzzles? A new part of your friends' and family's personalities will become apparent.

Originally, escape rooms were invented as a virtual game. Only later did they become physical. However, they have never disappeared from the online world. Puzzle Mysteries hopes to add a new flavour by creating escape rooms in beautiful locations. This will hopefully result in some wonderful escape rooms in 2021.

Are you interested in a handmade escape room specifically designed for your company? It can be a great way to have a company outing or be a part of your onboarding process. This is different from doing just any escape room: The puzzles, story and jokes will all be themed around your company, products and staff. Doing such an outing is a great shared esperience and be a great morale booster. For more information, have a look here.

Escape Rooms

  • Try to solve all puzzles in 60 minutes.
  • Play in a group of 3 to 5 people.
  • You probably will not need it, but you may use the internet or other resources.
  • Make sure you have some way of communicating with your team, for example through a videocall.
  • Each player should have their own computer to play on.

  • Mysteries are a single puzzle, often quite tricky.
  • You may use internet or anything else you wish.
  • You can ask questions that give hints.
  • There is no time pressure. You can take as much time as you wish. Some puzzle mysteries could be solved within an hour, some might take much longer.
  • You can download the puzzle mystery. This can be advantageous sometimes, as the download might offer higher resolution clues or better formats.
Jeroen Dokter - Chief Mystery Maker

Jeroen Dokter - Chief Mystery Maker

For many years I have been making puzzles and games. This was often as part of a family get-together. It is always fun to play and puzzle together. These puzzles often had a mysterious character. You were sometimes not told what to do at all, and had to figure it out for yourself.

My interests are very diverse. I love language (as a concept, I'm not very good at learning new ones), science, history, geography, music. I love unheralded niches of knowledge. You will find all these topics in the puzzle mysteries.

Almost every day I encounter interesting ideas that I keep as notes. Some of these eventually evolve into puzzle mysteries that make it to this site.

Why do I make puzzle mysteries?

It is a very fun process to make puzzle mysteries. It is not easy to get the difficulty just right, but it is very satisfying if it comes together. I hope you get a similar feeling when you solve them.

Solving puzzle mysteries (or making them) also ties in really well with how I like to learn a new topic. It is like a deep dive into a new and fabulous well of knowledge. You can research and just try things out, but with a purpose. My motto is: "I only truly understand something if I can figure it out myself."

Lastly, the world just needs more mysteries. Life is most fun and interesting when you don't know exactly what is happening. When it challenges you to figure it out. I hope I can help make life just a tiny bit more mysterious.

Mariƫlle Kruithof - Mystery Designer

Mariƫlle Kruithof - Mystery Designer

I am genuinely curious with an interest in a lot of different subjects. In addition I also love to make things beautiful and I am prepared to do the necessary precision work. This can apply to all kinds of areas like music, dance, miniature models. I have always loved learning new things and putting that knowledge and expertise into practice. All of this is very helpful when making puzzle mysteries.

If a clue needs to be designed, I deepdive into the necessary materials and enjoy creating something beautiful.

My motto is: "If everyone works on making things beautiful, the world will automatically become a bit more beautiful." I love helping out making people amazed and delighted with the puzzle mysteries.