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Dr. Watson's Second Case: A Secret Message

Work to do

IT WAS a beautiful day when I found myself on the steps towards Holmes's apartment. I had good hopes of taking Holmes out on an afternoon constitutional, but it was not to be.
"You and I will do no such thing. In stead, you will sit down and solve your second case. I have found the perfect client for you."
Only then did I notice a small and uncertain looking man in my usual chair. I just started making his acquaintance when Holmes interrupted.

The Rendez-Vous

"This man is the lord Tom Jeulotier. He has taken a fancy to a rather secretive lady who has as of late sent him a note. The note contains a code and Mr. Tom hopes, of course, that it would reveal where and when he could meet the lady.
He has come to me for my help to reveal

Tutorial 2 A Secret Message

the message, but I leave the job to you. Maybe you cannot immediately see the answer. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the cipher. However, I trust that you are experienced in the great tools of the modern era, such as this new technology they call 'the internet'.
Please tell Lord Tom what the note says."

I had to laugh. Holmes and anything invented recently did not match well together. For me, alas, finding help on the internet would be the only way to save my skin, and help the lord meet his lover.