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Dr. Watson And The Seven Chessboards

HOLMES AND I were enjoying a silent evening together. Holmes was of the opinion that I should solve more mysteries, and was taking his time perusing the local papers for signs of any mysteries. I was glancing over Holmes' newest article, "On the role of fragrances in solving crime". It was getting late, so I was almost ready to go home, when a letter was brought upstairs by a bode.
"The door downstairs was open, and I was told that I should deliver this message with haste." He handed the letter to Holmes and hurried off.
Holmes read the letter with a chuckle. "Excellent. Watson, I present you with your next case."

The letter read as follows:
"Please dear Sir Mister Holmes please help me.

The Seven Chessboards

My uncle, a chess grandmaster, has left in my possession a small box that opens with a letter code. I am dying to find out what is in it, but I have never paid much attention to chess. So I am unable to figure out what I should do with these 7 chess setups that my uncle has included with the box.

I also send you a paper with letters that I found at the bottom of his chessboard. Can you help me finding the letter code?"

"Well," I said to Holmes, "Time to dust off the chess books I guess."