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The goal of Puzzle Mysteries

"An escape room in the pyramid of Gizeh," I answer, when anyone asks me what the goal of Puzzle Mysteries is. It is by far the most iconic and magical location for an escape room. It would be a dream to work there. However, before that is achieved, a lot of other goals can be attained.

The first and most direct goal is that players and their teams have a fun time playing the escape room. A fun shared experience with friends or family. Perhaps they live far away, so that you cannot easily go visit them.
When I was young, my family would pick up cards or a board game to enjoy a family night. Now that we live farther apart an online escape room is often the way of doing something together. You still see each other (via the video call) and have a common goal.
The second goal is to make beautiful and interesting locations more easily available. Some buildings are magical and need to be explored. Is it because of the hidden hatches and rooms? Is it because long ago princes and princesses used to walk here? The coolest places are not always accessible for tourists. In an online game you can enter the secret room. You can see what is laying in the ancient closet.
Is an online escape room not that far from your house? Then I hope playing the game can inspire you to visit in real life. Taking a stroll through these beautiful old buildings is one of the greatest things to do with your spare time!