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I have an interesting profession. Last week I was carrying around incredibly heavy bombs from the Second World War, behind one of the biggest organs in the Netherlands. I also get to learn interesting things: What makes an escape room a good escape room? Which puzzles are easy and which are difficult? What gets players stuck (and unstuck)?

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I want to share these interesting bits of information with those who would find it interesting. Do you want to know what the best tips are to succesfully complete escape rooms? What are the best locations in the Netherlands (or elsewhere) to make an escape room in? What adventures does one have when you get to visit beautiful buildings, and get to explore all the secret passages and rooms? All those things will be discussed in this blog.
Every two weeks there will be a blog post. So keep an eye out on your facebook, your instagram or this website. Every post will be a part of a series. The series I have in mind are:

I hope you will get excited by this blog to play an escape room on this site. So invite your friends and click on the button below to start playing!