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Dr. Watson And The Purse That Was Lost At A Junction

The Lost Purse

It was during a holiday to the Low Countries, that I was able to - for the first time - acquire a case without Holmes's assistance.
It was Mrs. Wielstra, formerly known as Lady Carnarvon but recently married into a Dutch family, who brought it to me. We had been friends since childhood, and I was visiting her at the end of my vacation.

"John, are you not a detective yourself nowadays? I heard you solved quite some on your own."
"Why yes, if you put it like that."
"Then you must help me. While riding my bike the other day I found a pretty purse. It was abandoned so I took it to return it to the owner, but it contained no address or phone number or anything to help me. It did have some pretty jewellery in it, so I must return it. Please help me John!"

Lost At A Junction

It was my holiday, so I should not be working at all. But the case intrigued me, and anyway, I could not turn down the lady.
She showed me the items in the purse. Beautiful jewels indeed and a couple of papers with numbers on them.

I had no idea where to start.
"Where have you found the purse?" I asked her to perhaps get some clue.
"It was near Slagharen. Do you know in which city we could find the owner?"